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About Us

About Us

Company Overview

Data Integration Services is a new independent company focused on guiding you through today’s complex integration challenges. With more than 25 years of real-world experience gained with GoldenGate and Oracle, helping many of the UK’s best-known Financial Services companies save money, reduce risks and accelerate their integration projects to more successful outcomes.

As digitalisation gains momentum across all industries, leading experts like McKinsey and Gartner, tell us this will lead to significant impacts on companies’ revenues, profits and new business opportunities.

It is predicted that companies who approach digitalisation with a bold, tightly integrated digital strategy will be most likely to reap the largest rewards, driving innovation and initiating digital disruption in their sectors.

As this revolution spreads across financial services companies, the established firms have additional challenges to cope with, especially with legacy IT infrastructure and the increasing burden of regulatory compliance.

If this were not enough, they are also facing ferocious competition from Fintechs and other new market entrants who are attacking their traditionally profitable areas including, payments, cards and loans.

Getting data integration right has become an increasingly significant challenge as these new digital business models demand greater connectivity with deeper and wider integration requirements. DIS adopts a consultative approach to the key issues that our customers face and specialise in the following areas:

  • Review of Integration Environments
  • Data Integration Assessment
  • Support for Integration Procurement Processes

Our Team

Data Integration Services Ltd

Andrew Price


Andrew and Steve founded Data Integration Services in 2018, having worked closely together at both GoldenGate and Oracle for more than ten years. Prior to GoldenGate, Andrew was Client Director at Gartner and brings more than 15 years of experience working with the financial services industry and enterprise scale data integration projects.

Data Integration Services Ltd

Steve Roy


Steve started working in the world of Data Integration in 1999, providing solutions to Banks and Financial Institutions in some of their most mission critical business environments and has continuously worked in this area through his times at ACI, GoldenGate and Oracle.