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Data Integration Services specialises in delivering independent advice in the following areas:

Review of Integration Environments

In today’s complex business world getting integration right first time without any surprises along the way which can negatively impact your project timelines and budgets, not to mention the careers of those involved, is increasingly important. Complex problems are understandably broken down into simple tasks, however with data integration activities it is critical to start out with a clear understanding of key requirements and the overall environments involved. A Review of Integration Environments will help you gain a clear understanding of the full implications of your integration project and establish a clear set of project priorities before you start, setting up your project for a successful outcome.

Data Integration Assessment

Whether you are consolidating on-premise, moving to the cloud, multi-cloud or a hybrid cloud environment, effective data integration will always need to deliver all the right data to the right place at the right time. To achieve this not only requires a clear understanding of the environments involved but more specifically, answers to key questions need to be found, including but by no means limited to: how many data sources are involved, where is the data, how big is the data, how quickly is the data changing, are changes in data format required, how quickly do we need data available: batch, real-time or streaming and what if we need to add new data types to achieve the required business outcome? All too frequently these types of questions are answered late in the process, raising significant concerns over project timelines and budgets. A Data Integration Assessment will help establish a full view of the integration requirements including technical, non-functional and potential software license implications.

Support for Integration Procurement Processes

There are many factors to be taken into consideration when trying to select the right tools to satisfy your integration requirements. As an independent company with substantial experience of integration projects, DIS can help.  By reviewing your current environment, including licencing and looking at your future requirements we can give you a clear view on what you may need to procure and what you may not need to ensure you have the most important factors and best fit for your integration project.